The fastest way to rebook any trip.

Use any past booking documents to create a new one.

Take a photo or screenshot of an itinerary and SMS it, along with new departure and return dates to

0408 800 102

or, flick us an email with an attachment to

[email protected]

It's that easy.


Take a photo of a flight itinerary.Ditto works best when your name, flight numbers and frequent flyer details are clearly visable.


SMS it to 0408 800 102 or email it to [email protected]


Ditto will reply with a link to your new booking. Ditto works hard to get back to you in 30 minutes or less, but some bookings require extra help and might take slightly longer.


Say "Yes" and we book the trip for you.

It's about time.

Leaving your travel bookings to the last minute? Yep - same here. We realised it was because the whole process is still so manual and time consuming. It's 2018 and we decided things needed to improve, so we built ditto.

The exact same trip with new dates.

ditto is for busy travellers who don't need to hand craft their travel each and every time. The last trip you took was great, so send it to ditto with your new departure and return dates and do it again.

Even faster the second time around.

The second time you book a trip with us, we dont need any document, just send us the new dates

No booking fees, ever.

When you send ditto a booking, you will get a new priced itinerary back in minutes. ditto will never charge a booking fee.


How do I signup?
You don't! Signup forms take time, time you probably dont have. Just shoot us a booking via email or SMS and we get to work!

How much does ditto cost?
Ditto doesn't cost anything to use. You only pay for the flights and hotels in your booking.

How can I trust you guys with my credit card?
Ditto doesn't store directly your credit card, we leverage the power of Stripe to do that, so you can rest assured that your details are safe.

Can I make new bookings?
No, ditto is built to speed up rebooking trips that people take on a regular basis, for instance, an Account Manager who makes a mmonthly trip to visit customers. Our upcoming flagship product Flightsuit has new booking functionality, signup to our mailing list to be notified when it is available publicly.

Can I change the time/airline/hotel on any of the legs?
Not at this stage.

What / Who is Flightsuit?
Flightsuit is a travel technology company focused on taking the work out of booking and managing travel. Ditto is a small part of a much larger product which we are currently testing with a handful of business customers. Signup to our mailing list to be updated on product releases.

Feedback / Questions

[email protected]